Hey everyone! Brayden here coming to you with a Disney news update, this I think is a pivotal point in the history of the Disney Resorts because dogs are coming to your Walt Disney World resort hotel. Starting right now, at the Art of Animation, Port Orleans Riverside, the Yacht Club, and the Cabins at Fort Wilderness, you can bring up to two dogs along with you to Walt Disney World to stay in your hotel room. If you decide to bring your dog to the World, at check-in, you’ll get Pluto’s welcome kit which includes a mat, bowls, pet ID tags, courtesy plastic disposable bags, puppy pads and dog walking maps. Also included is a Pluto “Do Not Disturb” door hanger indicating to hotel staff that a pet is in the room.

Day care and other pet services are available nearby at Best Friends, the on-property pet care facility. This new program is in its pilot phase, only being offered at these 4 resorts, but if it goes well, we should see this program expand to more resorts. Bringing your dog or dogs along is not free though, it costs 50 dollars per night, and 75 dollars per night at the Yacht Club. And that’s where this new program goes from being a good idea, to a bit of a increase guest revenues attempt as well. Given, if you do take your dog along, that’s at least 50 dollars per night to have the dog stay with you, plus the additional fees for the Best Friends pet care facility while you’re in the parks.

There are a lot of ways I think this program will affect the resorts. For one, there are no designated dog rooms, so in the future, whatever room you get at Port Orleans Riverside for example, chances are, some dogs have been there too. It looks like Disney is having guests with dogs indicate their rooms with the pluto do not disturb door hanger, so housekeeping knows to do an extra good job. Personally, I have no issues knowing dogs have stayed in rooms at the resort hotels with this program down the road, but people who are allergic are not as thrilled. Another big way this program is affecting the resorts, Disney has set up designated dog relief areas around the hotel properties in this pilot test.

Lots of people have concerns about dogs staying in the rooms, being at the resort hotels at all, but guys, it’s Disney, Disney is making sure this program is accommodating to dog lovers and dog critics alike, with a Dog Policies pamphlet establishing some guidelines. Firstly, this program only applies to dogs. Looks like cats and pet snakes are still going to have to spend the vacation elsewhere! Also, dogs must be well behaved and are not allowed on furniture in public areas. Good stuff there. Dogs should be supervised at all times while staying on resort property and should not be left unattended in your guest room for more than seven hours. Seven hours Disney? My prediction is dog owners will either be having their dogs spend the day at the pet care facility or leave their dog in the room for the duration of their time in the parks each day. Not sure Disney can enforce the seven hours rule.

Let me know what you guys think! Dogs should remain silent if left unattended in your guest room. If a noise is heard, you will be called to address the noise within 30 minutes. You know, when I first got the news dogs were coming to resort hotels, I thought about some of the ways this could impact the regular guest, but some of these rules are pretty stringent on the dog owner side of things. If you want to go to Disney Springs for the afternoon, you’re having a nice lunch at the Boathouse and your dog barks, you have to run back within 30 minutes? Seeing these rules, I’m getting the feeling your only real option is to have the dog spend the day at the pet care facility. I wonder why Disney would want you to do that?

The last rule I found interesting was that if you take part in this program, housekeeping will only clean your room if you’re present with your dog. I’m curious if you leave in the morning and drop your dog off at the pet care facility if housekeeping cleans your room then, given no dogs or guests are there. Do they check and if they see a dog and no guests they don’t clean. Or do they just say, oh guest with dog room, I don’t see any guests here present with their dog, and move along without checking the room. Lots of logistical stuff to figure out here. Personally, if I brought my dog to Disney, I’d just have the dog stay at the pet care facility the duration of the stay. You save yourself 50 dollars a night, and a ton of hassle considering the 50 dollars really only covers having your dog in the room while you’re in the room, so really just the nights.

It’s a lot to worry about and a lot of additional cost when your pet can just have fun over at Best Friends during your vacation, and then if your dog makes a noise you don’t have to get back to your room within 30 minutes, check on your dog in the middle of your day at the parks with the 7 hour rule. This is an interesting program. A cool concept, but it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out over the coming weeks as Disney works out the kinks. Could we see this program come to more resorts? Let me know what you guys think. If you’d like to be notified when we drop new Disney News updates, be sure to subscribe and hit that bell! Thanks so much for Watching, I’ll talk to you soon, this is Brayden, have a magical day!