Pet Friendly Hotel

What to look for in a pet-friendly hotel

Your pet is like a family member, and the fact he can’t really express himself makes him more like a baby. Whenever you are going on a vacation or holiday most of the time you think about where to leave them, most of the time you are trying to find a pet sitter to pet sit them, or you look for an animal shelter to keep them for some days. Most of time people don’t trust animal shelters with their pets, which is quite understandable. The fact that most animal shelter keep the pet don’t provide just the right amount of care make it difficult for people to decide. What better way than taking your pet on a vacation with you. If you are looking for a hotel where you and your pet can enjoy vacations together it is very important to keep a check on some features while finding a place to stay. Most of the hotels claim that they are pet friendly but they don’t provide right amount of facilities, we are here to break it down to you about perfect Pet Friendly Hotel.

Pet charge

One of the most important thing is extra charge. Most of the pet-friendly hotel let you stay with your pet but they ask for extra charge. This is fine but make sure you know it before, hotels may surprise you with the amount of money they charge with the pet.

Number of pets

Some hotels have a policy about number of pets. This may sound awkward but it’s understandable, you may find it easy to handle more than one pet at home but at a place that is totally unknown most of the pets don’t feel comfortable and it becomes difficult for the pet owner to handle them. You need to make sure you know about this before reservation, this is very helpful.

Pet restrictions

One of the most important thing is, you need to know if your pet is allowed on bed. Most of the hotels claim they are pet-friendly but they provide separate pet bed and strictly ask to not let the pet on bed. This is fine as long as you know it before reservation. Most hotels make you sign a rules list or deposit some cash in case there is a damage, read the instructions carefully.

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